2/2/17 by TOM BLAUE ART

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Fish Creek Rod Company  has been hand crafting high quality split cane fly rods in Estes Park since 1999. All of the rods on this page are built with the finest of materials; Tonkin cane, silk wraps, nickel silver hardware, the best guides and cork available. The bamboo has been hand flamed to a rich honey amber, cured and constructed true to the traditions of the craft. All rods come with two tips and are new unless otherwise noted.The rod price includes an aluminum tube and H.L. Leonard style rod sock.

 I build rods suited to the waters where I live and fish; primarily mid-sized freestone streams and remote high altitude  head water creeks. I fish for wild trout in rugged country where the fish live in pockets created by boulders , shadowed by pines and hidden in the willows. The rods tend to be small, quick and light weight. The longer rods I build for alpine lakes and casting to runs in the larger water. All my bamboo rods are guaranteed for quality and offered with a limited buyer test period. Any rod shipped within the United States will be insured and subject to an additional $35.00 handling fee.


Rod # 092  $750.

7'  6"  4-5 wt.  modified Orvis taper, 2 pcs., bright hardware, up-lock reel seat, ebony spacer, brown wraps w/black tags, fast action.

ROD #043  $600.

8'0" 5 wt. 3 pcs. Fish Creek Rods model "Panthera", bright hardware, uplock reel seat cardinal wraps w/gold tags, cocobolo spacer, mid-body power with soft tip. Lightly fished by thr builder.


Rod # 081  $750.

7' 9" 4 wt., 2 pcs.  Fish Creek Rods model "Katabatic", blued hardware, slip ring reel seat, cocobolo spacer, cardinal wraps w/black tags, fast action


Rod # 111   $750.

7' 6" 4 wt., 3 pcs. Cattanach tapers, uplock reel seat, pine burl spacer, chestnut wraps, medium fast action

Rod # 091  $750.

8' 0" 5 wt., 2 pcs. Cattanach tapers, blued hardware, uplock reel seat, pine burl spacer, red wraps, medium fast action


Rod 3 112   $750.

6'  8" 3 wt., F. E. Thomas tapers, bright hardware, slip ring reel seat, cocobolo spacer, black wraps w/orange tags, fast action

Rod # 0161   $700.

6' 8" 4 wt., 3 pcs.  quasi-pack rod, broken down length 27", bright hardware, slip ring reel seat, pine burl spacer, black wraps w/ red tags, medium fast action

Rod # 024   $650.

8' 0" 5 Wt., 2 pcs. modified St. Vrain Special, bright hardware, up-lock reel seat, Honduras rosewood spacer, red wraps w/gold and black tags.

Used lightly by the builder


Rod # 045   $700.

8' 0", 5 wt., 2pcs. Fish Creek Rods model "Encamp II", blued hardware, up-lock real seat, cocobola spacer, orange wraps w/black tags, medium fast action.

ROD # 0181   $550.

7' 6"  2 pcs.,  4-5 wt.   Paul Young "Perfectionist" tapers,

blued hardware, slip ring reel seat, Honduras rosewood spacer

cardinal wraps w/gold & black tags.

This rod is being sold with one tip only